A few months ago I had a conversation on the subject of matching dinnerware with another potter. She told me that her mother had always told her that once she got to a point where she had her own set of matching white dinner plates that she would know that her life was together.

My life has never been together.

The closest I’ve ever come to matching white dinner plates was a cheap big box store bought set of dinnerware I got when I was in college – it had some white, but also lots and lots of green. I’ve never been the most careful of folks, the unkind might even call me a klutz, so my closest to white dinner plates sets didn’t last very long.

Since that time I’ve had any number of randomly collected plates, many of them being seconds or demo plates from classes I’ve taught. My dinnerware today is a wonderfully mismatched collection that makes no sense whatsoever.

When I set out to create what a JillyBean Pottery dinnerware collection looked like I was not inclined, given my history, to strive for matching plates. In fact I absolutely LOVE that this collection can match if someone chooses that route, but also opens up numerous possibilities for mixing it up. All of the colors I’ve chosen beautifully coordinate with each other, so blend in various shades of the same family of colors while others offer the chance to create a contrasting pop of interest.

I hope you find this collection as fun as I do! Start your own collection today by visiting my online shop – you can buy a set or even just a single plate to get going.

2 thoughts on “Coordination

  1. I so much love my dinner plates in blue and green! Slowly building my set and after the new ones I receive from you will be up to 4 place settings! Hooray! Any mugs / cups in the works to complement them? Then I would feel complete.

    • Yay! I’m so glad that you are happy with your dinnerware place settings. I have mugs on the list to work on soon!

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