A Little Bit of Experimentation

Just sharing a little bit of my behind the scenes process (or lack of it in this case!) with some experimenting I did on a planter yesterday.

I’m using for this process Amazon Velvet Underglazes. I don’t really explain this in my talk, but underglazes are essentially commercially produced colored clay. However, what differentiates them from a colored clay or colored slip you may make yourself is the range of versatility of when you can apply them. Unlike colored clay/slip which can only be applied to moist clay, underglazes can be applied to moist clay, bone dry clay or even after bisque fire. This technique I’m showing here takes full advantage of this flexibility to be used at the bisqueware stage when sponging your piece is safer. Enjoy!

All of my designs came about through similar times in the past when I was trying new ideas. Check out the ones that made the final cut here!

2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Experimentation

  1. I loved your video! I saw somewhere on your blog I think the Redlands Art Association and wondered if you ever teach there? Or where you teach – if its somewhere within a reasonable distance from Redlands? Thanks!

    • Hi Bonnie! Thanks! I’m glad you liked the video! I have taken a break from teaching classes to focus on my own work right now. I am planning to keep posting more videos if that helps! Jillian

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