Jillian O’Dwyer

I’ve always been a texture lover and I think that’s why I gravitated towards clay as a medium. Seeing the contrasting depths of pattern applied to a three dimensional form is really striking to me.

My earliest texture experiments years ago were pretty simplistic – a single pattern repeated over and over. Simplistic, but that’s when I became addicted creating vases of all sizes and descriptions during a Friday evening open studio time. It was my release from the corporate world job I held at the time and when I also made the transition to working almost exclusively with hand built techniques instead of the potter’s wheel.

Since all of those years ago my love of texture has taken me on many experiments from setting up roadside to gather passerby’s shoe impressions to marathon sessions creating my own clay stamps from found objects. The culmination of all of this experimentation and play is seen in my latest work featuring complex flowing texture patterns.

Jillian is a ceramic artist who focuses mainly on creating highly textured, hand built, functional work. Her work is exhibited at a variety of locations and she shows at various art fairs. Jillian lives in Gold Canyon, Arizona.